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Sees The Details Others Don’t.

Most camera advertising is about happy moments. Leica is about the real and gritty. With exceptional sensor quality and resolution, the Leica M10 Monochrom camera captures one of the most important everyday details we overlook: Homelessness.

Leica New2.png
Leica PII Edits3.png
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Leica Lenticular Front New.png

1. Leica will place lenticular posters in areas where there are often homeless people, such as train stations. This is a view of the lenticular from the front. The pedestrians will not be able to make out the homeless man clearly.

Lenticular 1.png

2. When the pedestrian first walks past, they see an empty wall, representing the lens most tend to view homelessness with, in which they are often ignored.

Lenticular New 2.png

3. When walking from the other direction, they will be able to see the homeless man in the lenticular, with Leica's message. This represents the view and stance the brand takes towards homelessness, seeing the things others overlook both literally and figuratively.

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