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The Ads That Never Were (a.k.a. Trashvertising)

Like anyone in this business, some ideas I have are trash. But I still made them for the sake of banter anyway. 
As my foray into America has taught me, it's called trashcan not trash cannot.
(Yes, that is actually what I tell myself when my motivation decides to leave the chat.)

Trash #1: Dyson, "Sucks"

Life sucks. Thankfully, Dyson Vacuuum cleaners are always here to clean up the mess.


Trash #2: 300 Volts in every HIT

I hate mosquitoes. They're blood suckers but not the hot vampiric kind. I am convinced that they're mistakes of creation. I couldn't sleep one night because these bloodersuckers wouldn't stop biting me. In my quest for vengeance, I had my favourite super heroes and villains defeat them.

Moz 3.png
Moz 1.png

Trash #3: Ugly Never Got You This Far Until Now

I was helping someone out for campaign ideas for the shoe brand Hoka One One. Apparently they're famous for being "really f*ckin ugly", but the most comfortable thing since recliners. So, if an ugly shoe can get you places, why shouldn't the brand embrace their ugly? They ended up doing something a little different but I had fun sketching it up anyway. They may be ugly, but ugly never got you this far until now...


Trash #4: Prawnhub

Seafood doesn't get any love. Has anyone else realised there is ZERO sea-food-porn? Well, I have. Particularly because I love seafood. So, erm, here's my gift to the world. Am I really thinking of doing this? Yes. Did I write the unnecessary copy? Yes. If you're a seafood brand, HMU. Let's give prawns more love in 2022.


Trash #5: HABIT

Artboard 2.jpg
Artboard 3.jpg

For our final advertising class, we had to put together an agency. We named ours HABIT. The professor said it was a bit boring. So I decided to go the route of being a little unhinged and turned it into a nunnery. I also took my teammate's story and turned it biblical. I think he liked it. If you're a Newhouse alum, yes, that is Professor Ed Russell photoshopped onto the Pope's body.

Artboard 4.jpg

Trash #6: Mistakes

I once was helping to organise a portfolio review, and had the idea to use Netflix profiles. They did end up using the profiles but not the title page I designed. I did really think putting Voldemort as a mistake was genuinely funny, though. Also, the sorting hat is 100% a recruiter. Man deserves his own LinkedIn.

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