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Magical Ways To Learn The Time.

More than a 5th of Gen-Z can’t read analogue clocks anymore. Using the classic, dynamic medium of Bedtime Stories, Flik Flak
merges analogue and digital worlds to create an engaging, educational experience for today's tech-age children.

Digital (App)/ Experiential

Flik Flak Final 1.png

1. Flik Flak Bedtime Stories is an App that combines fairytales with learning to read the time. The watches will come with a bright “Play” button that’s above the original button, brightly coloured and easy to use. The child simply presses the button on their watch and clicks the screen to sync, and using bluetooth, the watch hands sync with the stories and it goes into play mode. 

Flik Flak App 8.png

2. The more the child plays and accumulates points, the more new stories they can unlock for gameplay. They can pick from a variety of narratives, with characters and stories who are diverse and fun.

Flik Flak Final 2.png

3. The answers to the questions are shown on the child’s watch face, where Flik and Flak (the hour and minute hands) move to times according to the digital game. Because the game wants to ensure children don't rely on logic alone, it works like Bandersnatch, where the different answers lead to different outcomes  of the story every time. 

Flik Flak App 3.png

4. As a result of only having 15 minutes to get ready for the ball, Cinderella is late. However, she’s also an advanced and capable equestrian rider, taking matters into her own hands and leaving  on her own accord instead of waiting for a Fairy Godmother. The stories promote values in children that the traditional stories do not, eradicating stereotypes such as girls always being damsels in distress.

Flik Flak App Final 4.png

5. This is another example of a child who is playing Peter Pan’s story instead.

Flik Flak App Final 5.png

6. When children get the answer wrong, and they pick a different time as the one shown on their Flik Flak watch, the box flashes red instead of green.

Flik Flak App Final 7.png

7. The game still progresses, but the characters end up facing hurdles. In this case, Peter arrives at the Darling’s home at the wrong time, and has flown into the window because the children are sleeping.

Flik Flak App Final 8.png

8. Because young children form their perceptions of identity through early media, the App also aims to promote diversity. Flik Flak will partner with authors of minority and multicultural backgrounds to create new narratives where traditionally ignored characters can have their own stories. Through portraying representation and letting children see themselves in the characters, the App is both comfortable and educational for children to use.

Magazine Print

Peter Pan Magazine Final-min.png.crdownl

1. Pop-Up Ads in magazines and catalogues where the scenarios from the game are presented and create an interactive audience experience.

Alice In Wonderland Magazine.jpg

2. The reader pulls on the tab, which is a printed Flik Flak watch. When the watch is pulled, the hands on the clock are pulled to reveal the answer to the question. The Pop-Up clocks and the watches in the tab show the same time, mimicking the children’s experience in the digital game.

Flik Flak Pull out Watches.png

3. The tabs the users pull on have the campaign’s Headline, a call to action and QR codes where they can scan and download the app immediately.

YouTube Pre-Roll

This is an interactive YouTube pre-roll that runs for 30 seconds. It appears as a 30-second non-skippable advertisement. Peter Pan flies into view,  sits on the window sill and asks the user for help getting back to Neverland.  A clock appears with the time and the same four-option system as the App. Making use of the same format as the YouTube polls, the user clicks the right answer in order to skip the ad. Peter flies away and a message and call to action appear. 

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